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Attracting and Keeping Carers - June 2014

And breathe… or maybe not if you’re part of the team processing enquiries, doing home visits and more. But this is a good thing. Hopefully you’ve achieved your expectations and received enquiries from people who could become just the type of foster carers you need.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - May 2014 part II

There seems to be no let-up in the pace of this year’s Foster Care Fortnight activity, typified by the excellent work you’re doing in your local communities. Our media monitoring systems are reporting over 700 pieces of coverage across the UK.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - May 2014

What a start to this year’s Foster Care Fortnight. I’m thrilled to see so many of you using this year’s guess who fosters theme out and about, in the media and online.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - April 2014

I start this month’s blog the day after April Fools’ Day, so rest assured that this month’s AKC blog is wind-up free… although I'm sure some will beg to differ!

Attracting and Keeping Carers - March 2014

Spring is definitely springing; seasonal daffodils and crocuses are out in abundance and the first weekend of sunshine brought with it the customary shorts and flip-flops combo throughout parks across the land despite the chill in the air.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - January 2014

Welcome back.

I’m sure for many the festivities are now a distant memory, but I hope you have returned refreshed and reinvigorated for 2014.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - December 2013

Thank you again to everyone who attended our transforming foster carer recruitment event this month. The event was a sell out and apologies to those people who were unable to secure a place.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - November 2013

November for many is the midpoint between two large scale campaign periods, processing enquiries from the September ‘empty nesters’ and gearing up for the January ‘New Year’s fostering resolutions’ campaigns.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - October 2013

The i’s have been dotted and t’s have been crossed, and we can now announce the 15 local authorities that we will be working with to March 2014 to support them in their recruitment of foster carers.

Attracting and Keeping Carers - September 2013

As the new term starts, I’m grateful that I’m beyond the age to be dragged around the shops to pick up new items of uniform, including shoes with enough room to grow into.


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