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Fostering Wellbeing


Fostering Wellbeing is one of a number of innovative programmes that The Fostering Network runs to improve foster care and outcomes for fostered young people.

For more information about Fostering Wellbeing email Julie Griffiths or ring 02920 440940.

For media enquiries email The Fostering Network’s media team or ring 020 7620 6441.

Head, Heart, Hands

Head, Heart, Hands was The Fostering Network’s innovative programme exploring the impact that the introduction of social pedagogy can have on outcomes for fostered children and young people.

Head, Heart, Hands Conference (Scotland) interest form

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Social pedagogy in practice

These six resources and set of short films aim to share with you some of the learning that foster carers who took part in the Head, Heart, Hands programme found beneficial to their work and to the lives of the children and young people they looked after.

What is social pedagogy?

Social pedagogy is a well-established and proven framework for social care, meeting the needs of children in care in many European countries. It blends the use of knowledge from academic research and established child development theories (head), with an important emphasis on relationships and emotions, recognising that everyone has their own emotional and ethical needs (heart), in combination with a focus on using practical tasks and every day activities as vital opportunities for learning (hands).


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