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The Honeymoon Period

We’ve all done it. We arrive at a support group meeting singing the praises of the child who has just arrived to live with us, and who had a reputation for very challenging behaviour but it is now an angel. We give ourselves a little pat on the back. It was easy really.


With the long summer holidays shortly upon us I thought it might be a good time to have a look at the importance of play. Play is essential for children of all ages.


One of the issues I explore in my book Happy Kids is that of respect.

She didn't know she'd made a difference

On the final Saturday of Foster Care Fortnight 2013 Joanne, a foster carer from Scotland, wants to share her story of how she wasn't aware that she had made a difference until she received a surprise through her door.

My life in fostering - Richard Field

Richard Field, 37, is a single male gay foster carer who lives in London. Previous to starting fostering, he worked in education 13 years and uses this knowledge to help him better support the children in his care. He has blogged about his fostering experiences for Foster Care Fortnight 2013.

A care leaver shares their experiences

Clare is a care leaver from the North East of England who has blogged about her experiences for Foster Care Fortnight 2013.

Krish Kandiah tells us of the rewards of fostering

Krish Kandiah is a foster carer and Executive Director of the Evangelical Alliance. He has launched the “Home for Good” campaign to encourage Christians to play their part in finding loving homes for all the children in the UK who need one.

Sharing experiences on #FCF2013 Scotland day

Stewart Duncan, a foster carer from Scotland, has blogged about his experiences for the Foster Care Fortnight celebration of fostering in Scotland day.

Why I foster

I was recently asked in an interview why I began fostering and why I continue to do so despite all the frustrations and upsets that fostering can bring. The interviewer was a rather glamorous and highly motivated journalist who clearly had her sights set high.


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