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Welcoming children with warmth and a smile

It is Foster Care Fortnight 2019 and I want to thank foster carers who on any given day, are looking after more than 5,000 of Scotland’s children. Children whose mums or dads, no matter how much they may love them, are not able to look after them.

Independent Care Review (Scotland)

As well as encouraging our members to respond to the call for submissions and facilitating opportunities for the review to meet our members and care experienced young people, The Fostering Network has submitted our own response which we have structured into four interlinked areas:

  • the foster care system, which includes the way in which fostering is commissioned, delivered, regulated and inspected;

  • the foster care workforce, to include the status, role, and function of foster carers;

Walking Tall

About Walking Tall

Fostering Community Champions

Foster carer champions

This exciting project offered a unique service to foster carers in Scotland.

Foster carer champions are experienced foster carers with an excellent ability to listen to and support carers who may be experiencing problems or just need some one to talk to. Champions have expertise in a wide variety of areas, such as:

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