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Health Matters

Our recent Health Matters project in Scotland has been exploring issues relating to foster carers’ health

Better health, more stability

This blog summarises our Big Issue article from Issue 169 of Foster Care magazine about foster carers’ health and wellbeing.

We are delighted to share this latest paper from the Alliance, developed in conjunction with a roundtable of experts. Promoting the Emotional Wellbeing of Children in Care examines options for assessing and measuring looked after children’s wellbeing and mental health outcomes throughout their care experience.

The Fostering Network welcomes the findings of The House of Commons Education Select Committee's recent report, Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Looked After Children. The report highlights the fact that looked after children are four times more likely than their peers in the general population to experience mental health problems but that they face a number of challenges in accessing the appropriate mental health support.

Tips to help cope with exam stress

To help cope with exam stress we have compiled a list of top tips from stress experts, foster carers and young people.  Additional advice and information regarding exams is available in the latest publication in our All You Need To Know series - A Guide to the Education of Looked After Children – which can be purchased from​


Tips for foster carers

  • Speak to your young person

Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing: the challenges

Some children may have moved frequently between different foster and residential placements, or they may be placed far from their home neighbourhoods, friends, and family. This can mean details of their medical history are difficult to find, while also compounding their social isolation and loss of support networks.

Why we're here

Everyday there are 64,000 children living with 55,000 foster families in the UK. Every 20 minutes another child comes into care needing a foster family. The majority of these children are placed in care due to abuse or neglect. 

Foster families give children the love, support and stability that they so desperately need. This is often their first positive experience of family life. We are here for every fostered child and their carer.

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