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Support networks for foster carers in England

Key points to consider

  • Foster carers should have access to a variety of support provided by their fostering service, such as formal supervision, peer support, out-of-hours support, respite care services and access to independent support.
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Support networks for foster carers

This brief guidance outlines some key issues for fostering services and foster carers to consider when accessing support networks.

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The Foster Carers’ Charter in Wales

The Foster Carers' Charter covers issues such as supervision, involvement in planning and decision-making, and information and payments. The charter is an important way forward for fostering services in Wales, as it is a promise for service delivery that is owned by everybody invovled: the council, the fostering services, and foster carers.

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Foster carers offer children day-to-day care within their homes. This is a rewarding but challenging job. But foster carers are not alone – they work as part of the team around a child, and must be supported by others in that team to ensure that children are receiving the best possible care. The level and type of support that they need may change with each child in placement and at different times.

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