Improving Educational Outcomes

Why do we need to support the education of fostered children and young people?

The Fostering Network believes that it is vital to support the education of fostered children and young people because the available evidence shows that children who are looked after generally have lower attainment at school than other children.  

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Talking about Higher Education and the future

‘We cannot make them succeed, but we can provide them with what they need to make success possible. We can give them a home and an environment that will help them to achieve their best. For children and young people to really achieve, they need to feel proud of themselves. We can keep reminding them every day of how brilliant they are.’ Linda, foster carer

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Education resources for foster carers

Supporting learning and development

The following pages will give foster carers some starting points for supporting a child's learning and development at home:

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Tick the Box

What’s the problem?

Tick the boxYoung people who have lived in care are not accessing the support available to them when applying to university and once they are studying. Going to university can be a huge challenge. This can particularly be the case for those who have lived in care, who may have faced additional problems in life and may not have a family to support them through higher education.

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