#FosteringTeachesYou competition

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During Sons and Daughters Month 2019, we are celebrating the vital contribution that the children of foster carers make to foster care by encouraging children and young people living in fostering households to enter the #FosteringTeachesYou competition.

#FosteringTeachesYou is all about children and young people living in fostering households -  sons and daughters of foster carers or fostered children or young people - sharing what they have learned as a result of their fostering experiences. Using either a written piece, photograph, piece of art or video the children or young people should give an answer to the question of what #FosteringTeachesYou.

We’ll showcase as many photos, drawings or videos as we can on social media, on our website or in our Foster Care magazine, so please make sure the right permissions have been given for any looked after children.

You can also share pictures, videos and memories using the hashtag #FosteringTeachesYou on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

For more information about how we look after your data please read our privacy statement.

Entry form

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