Christmas 2014

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I wanted to try and capture what Christmas meant to children in care. I thought the best way to do this was to use their words. Here are some quotes I’ve remembered, happy and sad. I’m sure you have plenty of others. Please share them.

"Father Christmas never came to my house. Is that because I was naughty?"

"This is my best Christmas ever!  It’s my first Christmas ever. (From a 12 year old boy)."

"What happens at Christmas? Please tell me again and again..."

"Do you get drunk at Christmas like my mum and dad?"

"Why didn’t Father Christmas ever come to my house when I lived with Mum?"

"I stayed in bed last Christmas, all day. It was the only place that was warm."

"Me and my brothers and sisters got a present last year. It was a packet of crayons. They had to share it between five of them."

"I got hit on Christmas morning for waking up my uncle."

"I never believed in Santa Clause until I came here."

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